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Wellevatr's Mission

To help you get out of your own way, focus on what truly matters and make healthier choices that lead to sustainable results so you can feel more joyful, confident, loving and fulfilled. Through focused, intimate, heart-centered and effective strategies, we'll help you improve your overall well-being in every aspect of life - mentally, physically and spiritually. We use powerful mindset practices to elevate your life and unlock your inner super powers.

Wellevatr is the brainchild of Whitney Lauritsen and Jason Wrobel, two leading content creators, wellpreneur coaches, online business specialists and healthy living crusaders.

With nearly 25 years of experience in blogging, video hosting, content creation, digital marketing and private coaching they offer a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to help you generate more joy, abundance and connection in your life and business.

Whitney and Jason have been featured on the pages of Laika Magazine, Cosmo for Latinas, Men’s Health and VegNews Magazine, along with rocking television audiences on The John Stossel Show, Cooking Channel and Food Network.

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Jason Wrobel

is a celebrity chef, bestselling cookbook author of "Eaternity" and TV host of "How to Live to 100" on the Cooking Channel. With more than 20 years of experience in holistic, plant-based nutrition and entrepreneurship, his offerings are fueled by his passionate, lighthearted and fun vibes.

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Whitney Lauritsen

is the founder of Eco-Vegan Gal, an online empowerment brand that aims to inspire people to lead healthy, happy, eco-friendly lives. She creates YouTube videos, curates content on social media, speaks at live events and develops digital products like ebooks and online business strategy courses.

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