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"Their holistic approach to coaching is truly special. They address not only your health and wellness challenges and provide realistic solutions, but Jason and Whitney also tackle your mindset and limiting belief systems. They are masters at reframing things to create more positive momentum in your life and their approach is full of deep caring and a genuine desire for you to love yourself and put your dreams and desires foremost in your life. They’ve been great coaches as well as good friends to me throughout my transformation process."

Jesse L.

"Jason and Whit are changing the game. Their balanced approach to mind, body, and spirit will help you push past your limiting beliefs and take your life to new and exciting levels. They show you how to create the change you want to see. They’ll inspire you to take control of your health and empowers you to create a life you truly love."

Robin H.
Event Creator

"Do you want to learn how to become more organized and focused and learn to live a healthier life? Then Whitney and Jason are your only choice. This is just a few of the gifts and talents they can provide in their coaching programs. I was starting from scratch, really struggling and totally overwhelmed. They brought everything into focus and helped me navigate the process. They are phenomenal coaches, mentors and good friends. If you’re on the fence about working with a coach, take the leap with them. You won't regret it!"

Debi C.
Nurse & Chef

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Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen are  best friends on a mission to help you:
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  • increase your health

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"This Might Get Uncomfortable", a new podcast by Jason and Whitney, explores purpose and meaning, mental health and wellness, success and failure, love and relationships, and all of those things that make us human


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