Fun and Easy Practices to Help you Thrive

Master your personal wellbeing and thrive physically, mentally and spiritually.

Learn powerful daily mindfulness practices to elevate your mood, create more clarity and sustain feelings of purpose-driven joyfulness.

Elevate Yourself!

Feel More Motivated Daily

Receive a 10- week curriculum of high-quality audio lessons. In addition to training you on specific topics, you'll get encouragement and inspiration to help increase your confidence and boost your willpower to achieve your goals. Listen to the lessons anytime, anywhere you need support and accountability.

Eliminate The Overwhelm

Gain clarity on daily decisions that will help you achieve the level of wellness you want. Figure out a strategy that works for your schedule and tap into your strengths. Connect (or reconnect) with a sense of deep purpose and joyfulness in your personal and professional life.

Develop Positive Habits

Get out of your own way and set yourself up for success with mindset tactics that you'll stick to every week. Jason and Whitney will help you get out of your rut and into your results. Whether you want to lose weight, start a strong fitness routine, meditate regularly and/or improve your business, the lessons are there to guide you in the right direction.


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Do you find yourself thinking things like:

  • "If I just had a solid action plan for my life, and if I knew exactly what steps to take next, I'd really make some amazing progress."
  • "I need focus. I've been trying lots of things, but never really follow through consistently. It's time for me to do something differently."
  • "I need help figuring everything out, getting organized and developing a clear strategy to get results."
  • "I'm unsure about working with some flashy, braggadocious wellness coach. I want someone approachable, authentic and REAL who I can trust to hold me in a space of loving support and tell me exactly like it is."
  • "I need weekly accountability from open-hearted, passionate people who are dedicated to helping me break through my blocks."
Get Support With This All

We've Got Your Back!

Your lead Wellness Warriors: Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen

You can elevate every aspect of your life, physically, mentally and spiritually. We'll show you how to find balance in your life amidst all the chaos.

Here's What You'll Learn

Go at your own pace through this online course, which includes 10 weeks of audio lessons, assessments and resources. Follow the course guides and listen wherever, whenever, on-the-go or at home.

Elevate your well-being and move through your life with positive momentum, enthusiasm and focus in every aspect of your life. Receive expert tips on optimizing your health and body goals, improving mental health, relieving stress, managing time, unlocking more abundance and creating more energy everyday. This course will help you get out of your own way, focus on what truly matters and make healthier choices that lead to sustainable results so you can feel more joyful, confident, loving and fulfilled.

Go at your own pace through written prompts and audio lessons that offer encouragement, empowerment and wisdom whenever you need it. You'll have lifetime access to the course!

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Overview of the Training

Wellness Warrior Training is taught through 10 weekly audio lessons, delivered through MP3s and video files that you can listen to anytime, anywhere on your laptop, computer or mobile devices.

Lesson 1 - Attitude

Refine your attitude, because it is easier to make your goals happen when your thoughts and feelings are positive.

Lesson 2 - Clarity

Finding your way through the forest of "shoulds" and "have-to's" to get in alignment with your truest, most authentic vision for your life.

Lesson 3 - Strategy

Align your daily actions with your long-term strategy for success. Learn how to stop negotiating with your mind when it tried to sabotage you

Lesson 4 - Reward

Use self-care to reward yourself and rejuvenate your spirit so you can move past feelings of unworthiness and approve of yourself.

Lesson 5 - Prioritize

Identify distractions that are pulling you away from what's important. Focus on the "big rocks" and not the pebbles in life

Lesson 6 - Discipline

Cultivate the discipline to work toward your dreams so you can step outside your comfort zone with confidence and take action (even when it's uncomfortable for you).

Lesson 7 - Comparison

Identify how you fall into the comparison trap and define what success truly means to you. Learn how to shift from external validation to internal validation.

Lesson 8 - Resistance

Look at your fear in a radically different way and find out how to release what's not serving you

Lesson 9 - Output

Increase your productivity and output instantly. Train your mind to overcome addictive tendencies to technology and other distractions.

Lesson 10 - Awareness

Go deeper into your personal awareness practice so you can remain present to reality instead of disintegrating into projection, expectation and assumption.

What You'll Receive

10 Audio Lessons

Receive 10 weeks of audio lessons. You can login to access them anytime and we'll also remind you to complete them each week via email.

Go at your own pace - you'll have lifetime access to complete and review the training anytime, anywhere.

10 Assessments + Hundreds of Resources

At the end of each lesson you'll be prompted to complete an online assessment to articulate what you've learned, clarify your feelings and make action plans. You'll also receive hundreds of resources for continued education and lesson application.

Private Community of Like-Minded People

Connect with other students in the training's comment sections and/or in the private Facebook group. These online communities are designed to support and connect you whenever you need it.

"I felt powerless before I began your course [...] Thank you so much for the tools you've given me."

Jessica P.

"I have really enjoyed this package. I learned some great tips. I do plan on listening to the whole course again. I thought the setup was good that it was a conversation between 2 people addressed to the listeners. I liked the assessment (which i did immediately after) because it make me think about my answers. I thought the resource section was a great compliment to the class."

K Pattisapu

"I had never signed up for any coaching courses before. Honestly, I didn’t really know what they were [...] However, with the two of you it was different. There is a level of authenticity that couldn’t be replicated [...] I felt like I could relate to the two of you on a level that “I could do this if I went along the same process as these individuals.” In my opinion that is the most powerful bond any content creator/guide model can make."

Paul M.

"I’m really enjoying the program. I think the biggest help for me is being connected with other people who are also trying to improve themselves. It’s motivating and makes me feel understood. [...] I also like having a space where I can learn from others, encourage them, and maybe offer some of what I’ve learned over the twenty or so years I’ve been actively working to be more effective and get what I want out of life. [...] The regular check-ins are a definite motivator. I also appreciate the homework because it forces me to think things through in a deeper way, something I often forget to stop and do."

Gwen H.

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